Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IGnore the incoherence, and rambling---its just what i'm feeling right now, dont take it too seriously

What can i say? Its been nearly a half-year before i've finally succumbed to peer pressure.....again.

Frankly i see no important reason for blogging or posting any messages online for the whole wide world to read. Whats the point, u write a blog...do u feel connected to the world? Does it help a small hearted introvert who sits his ass on the com 24/7 express himself better, so no one will judge him by his appearance or his body language which screams Unconfident Bitch.....and whats with the world now, is it a measure of popularity, of how many people has viewed ur blog since the dawn of evolution. Sighhhhhhhh, i must sound like a low-life bastard hating the world and holding a personal, impossibe to understand grudge against blogs.

but SERIOUSLY, blogs are great tools, its the people who hold those blogs up on a pedestal that drives me crazy. So what if u had 200000 people view ur blog this month, its just a count of how many lifeless bastards are out there living beside their computer with too much time on their hands. I'm sorry people, close friends and the general public who view this i'm just a little kid whose sick of the worlds quest for popularity, of self-promotion............none of thaT's important. Its close friends who count the most, someone u can depend on, u know won't screw u over for a girl. Some one u know u'll be fine with even if u down a whole bottle of 151 That real friendship is what counts.

mmaybe for those superficial beings a blog is a way of telling the world what great stuff u did over the summer or winter, "Owh its was sooooo wonderful, i went clubbing, i had sooo much to drink, u know i puke here puke there" "I'm gonna Blog it" WTF.........share it with friends over hot chocolate or sth, laugh abt it together maybe even tease the dude who couldn't hold his drink, all thats better than blogging......................................oopsie gotta consider people whose frens are overseas and thats the only way to keep in contact, may have wronged a few ppl in this paragraph.

HAizzzzzzz, let me make it clear, its alright blogging stuff, i may have even overreacted a little its just not right to inflict ur blog on someone else (like what i'm doing) to gain popularity (not what i'm doing). >>Inflicting my blog on people "yes" to gain popularity "no"<<

*guilty guilty, I was just planning open a tiny crack and let a little drip of an opiniated mind leak out. real Sorry a waterfall came out instead.......people its lovely that u write blogs, i love u for it, its great being included in one of your blogs but pls don't make it a measure of your popularity. Reason that i try not to read blogs, is more of a personal quest....the one in the million (that has a com and good broadband acess) who won't contribute to the growing population of "how many people read my blog" syndrome;

To my friends; care a lot abt u guys, continue writting your blogs so i can check up on u from time to time, but i would rather go out with u, do sth and share our stories together instead of reading it on a blog.

To the minute amount of people reading this, apart from people close to me. especially
if u r a stranger who does not know me or has no reason or intention of reading this blog, but has too much time on his hands I've got a message for u " GO GET A LIFE "

Till next time i, if ever blog again......toodles

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Just started Blogging, I guess u could say i'm finally giving in to peer pressure. Haha, but trust me this will be the only normal post u will get from me. Credits goes out to the frens who "pressured" me. Winnie, sumin, yan min, Fawn....hope u guys suffer reading what i post
Haha Enjoy